Welcome to Happy Puppy Tutoring & Tiny Dog Boarding

As loving guardians, it is our responsibility to provide our dogs with the leadership they require to be emotionally healthy, happy, relaxed, and responsive household companions.

                     "Training People - Coaching dogs"
                    "Saving the world one dog at a time"

Training you and coaching your dog:  
Set of sessions (one hour each) in your home, tailored to fit whatever issues you may have including housetraining, obedience, trick-training, excessive barking, destructive behavior, behavior modification, or aggression. Pricing outlined below:

Saints (single issue) – 3 lessons for $200.00
Normal issues – 4 lessons for $240.00
Puppies or demons  ( multiple issues) – 6 lessons for $300.00

Payable at the first session.

Additional lessons:       
$55.00 each

Breed and breeder selection advice: 
Researching area breeders and providing assistance in making the right choice of breed to fit into your life is $60.00

Puppy selection:
Accompanying you during the puppy selection process, providing evaluation, testing, and advice as to choosing the puppy that is just right specifically for you is $60.00

Tiny Dog Boarding:
$30 per night for one dog and $25 for a second dog